Why Raised Gardening Beds Are So Beneficial, and The Best Plants To Grow In Them

Raised garden beds are the garden boxes which help to grow small plants and flowers, helps in protecting soil compaction, a barrier for the pests, and offer a good drainage system. Moreover, it is perfect for the people having small space for gardening.

5 Major Benefits of Raised Beds

No tilling is needed
Raised beds are the easiest way of gardening and setting up your soil. Raised beds provide you an ease, without tilling the soil year to year, add your own work and mix fertile soil in your container.
Raised beds are versatile and provides an ease for the people to place it or put it anywhere on the rooftop or on the deck. This helps many families to have fresh food in their home.
The Raised Beds helps the people who cannot bend down or helps those people who are on a wheel chair to have an ease in planting food.
Better Pest Control
Raised Beds are helpful to control pesticides and keep an eye on your plants properly. Raised beds provides you accessibility to take care of your plants and keep them safe from the pesticides.
Better Drainage
Raised Beds are the only way of growing food in all the seasons in the areas that are prone to flooding and the areas that are marshy. The drainage system is enough for the plants to have better breathing room even in heavy rains and in the wet conditions.

4 Best Ways for Choosing the Veggies for your Raised Beds

Having little space to grow food at your home? These tips help you to choose the best veggies you should grow.
Grow what you prefer most – The first tip is to grow the vegetables you like most.
Grow the costly veggie – The second tip that will help you to choose what you should plant is to evaluate which veggie is most costly in the market. Grow that veggie in your raised beds.
Cut plant and grow again – The crops that are in all the seasons should be a great tip to grow in your raised beds.
Grow unique veggie – Try to grow the veggie that is hard to find in the super stores.
Best Veggies to Grow in Raised Beds
The plants that will be beneficial to grow in Raised beds are:
Garlic is the member of onion family and is easily grown as a whole bulb of cloves by a single clove. The benefits of planting garlic are that the garlic helps in maintaining the blood pressure. Garlic also has vitamin C and vitamin B6 and acts as an antibacterial.
Cherry Tomatoes
If you want to add color in your raised beds then cherry tomatoes are the best option to have it. Cherry tomatoes are versatile and can be thrown up in the basket. Water the cherry tomato plant for better juicy tomatoes.
Carrots are the best option and grow better in the raised beds. Home garden carrots are the juiciest and sweetest vegetables anyone could have.

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