Here is Why You Should Love Wasps

Over the years wasps have got some really bad reputation; however, experts are emphasizing on the need of turning this overall hatred towards wasps into love. Researchers are saying that people need to know the importance of wasps in our ecosystem and economy in order to love them as they love bees. For all those out there who love gardening must know that wasps are one of your best friends. They might be annoying during summertime when you want to spend time in your garden and they may also sting you without any provocation from your end but their contribution towards the maintenance of our ecosystem overrules all these drawbacks.
The wasps work as a natural control for an extensive range of pests that infects farms and gardens such as flies, caterpillars, and greenfly. The common wasp is one of the top predators that captures above 4 million prey-loads, which around 7 pounds per acre during each season. Aphids, rose-killers, and tormentors of your favorite garden plants are the favorite food of wasps. By eating them wasps play an important part in pest control and experts claim that in a world without wasps your garden plants and crops would be exposed to threats of harmful insect infestation.
There are 0.1 million species of wasps all around the world ranging from the most commonly seen yellow jacket to the terrifying tarantula hawk wasp. A leading expert on wasps, Dr. Seirian Sumner revealed that the black and yellow insect commonly seen bussing around your gardens, known as the yellow jacket wasp tends to eat 18 pounds of prey every year. Because the wasps are predators, they are necessary and useful for gardening and agriculture. Dr. Sumner suggested that wasps should be considered as nature’s capital.
There are precisely 30 thousand species of wasps that are considered insect destroyers and the social group of wasps are considered specifically more significant for being predators due to the number of individual wasps in every colony. Social wasps tend to eat all kinds of insects, which makes them highly valuable for our ecosystem. They eat the insects we hate such as spiders and cockroaches. Dr. Sumner further stated that we know a lot about bees but we do not know the quantifiable value of wasps and if we get rid of wasps, there will be no predators to protect our gardens and farms.
Along with being general predators, wasps are specialized pollinators. Species of wasps who perform as common pollinators do the same job as bees by facilitating plants that depend on airborne support to transfer pollen from one plant to another. In some parts of China, they have performed insect killings to such a level that they are now required to manually transfer pollens of fruit trees. This why scientists are emphasizing on ways to let masses understand the importance of wasps to maintain the balance of our ecosystem.

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