Grow Giant Basil Plants Just Like The Pro’s Do

Basil is a herb that is mostly used in different dishes and is a homemade pesto. It is basically from the mint family that gives us many aromatic herbs and shrubs. A plant grows rapidly with its maximum capability when the all the needs of the plant are ensured. Basil only grows in the summer season when the sun is in full swing and the soil is warmed. Basil plants needs a little amount of moisture all the time with good air circulation. Following are the best tips that are used to grow Mad Giant Basil Leaves in your home.
Grow Basil using seeds or starter plant
For growing Basil leaves in your home, the first step is to find the best option for you to grow the plant. The first option you can avail is to use the seeds for growing basil leaves or simply you can get a starter plant from the nursery.
Well drained soil
Well drained soil is helps the basil leaves plant to grow. If using a container, proper drainage hole will be beneficial for the growth of the plant. Otherwise, raised beds are more helpful that have well drainage system. Basil grows best when having proper drainage system and have a moist soil with neutral pH in it. Not much amendments are needed for the basil leaves. If the soil become too rich then basil can lose some of the flavors of the herb.
Keep the temperature warm
For the better growth of basil leaves, warm temperature is needed because basil leaves only grow in the warm temperature when the sunlight warm the soil. Basil leave plants are sensitive to colds so they needs proper warmth to grow. It needs approximately six hours of sunlight every day. Over 50°F / 10°F warm temperature is needed to grow basil leaves.
Fertilizing the soil
Ground coffee is the best way to give rise and potential to the soil which is the effective fertilizer for growing basil leaves. If you are growing basil leaves inside your home then you should fertilize it every month.
Provide enough water
In the hot weathers, basil plants needs a lot of attention of the person growing it. It needs enough water supply so that the plant and the soil do not get dry. Properly water the basil leave plant as to make sure it is not getting dry.
Get more Basil by pruning
Pruning helps you in getting and growing more basil leaves. As the amount of basil leaves increases, store it safely or freeze it so that it won’t be destroyed. Parsley and tomatoes are the companion planting of Basil leaves. Start to prune the upper leaves which have grown six inches tall.
Keep away all insects
Pesticides and insects can attack and damage your plants any time. Keep your plants safe from the pesticides help you to have proper growth of the plant. So, make sure to use sprays to kill the insects and keep away from the basil plants.

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