AKC Recommended Foods For Your Dog

Good nutrition and healthy food is good for humans and so as for dogs too. Dogs are an amazing creature who are always with us in the time of our need and gradually become our best friend. Dogs are very sincere if you take care of them with love. They should be given proper care and healthier food to keep them happy and contended. So, if you are having a dog, love them incredibly and need to know which food will be healthy for him then here are the things you should know to keep your dog healthy and happy.
Healthy food is very important for all the humans and the animals. Chief veterinary officer for the American Kennel Club (AKC), Jerry Klein said that the dog’s nutritional necessities vary age, health, size and breed. So, it is important to feed your dog with good nutritious food. For feeding your dog, be sure that you choose the right healthy food. Moreover, homemade food for the dog is considered to be healthier and complete nutritious balanced diet for the dog.
Below are some food that should be good for your dog.
Apple chunks
Apple chunks are the great food for dogs and it is easier and safer for them to ingest. Some human food can be dangerous for the dog but apples have nutrition and vitamins in it which can be a low calorie treat for dogs and keep them healthy.
Coconut oil
Coconut oil is an extra dose to keep your dog away from the bacteria and germs. Coconut oil consists of lauric acid, vitamins and minerals which has an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties in it. Coconut oil has many benefits in the diet of the dog as well as benefits for applying it on their skin too. Coconut oil is a complete healthy package for dogs.

Oat meal
Oat meal is common in dog’s food but the one you can make it at home is healthier and safe for dog. Oat meal contains minerals and vitamins and is complete balanced diet food for dog. Moreover, I is also an extra source of fiber in the body.
Eggs have great benefits for the health of your dog whether it is raw or cooked. If the egg is raw then it should be given with the shell also to provide extra nutrition. Egg’s shell contains calcium which is very important for the bones.
Mini carrots can be a healthy snack for dogs which contains vitamins and fiber. These carrots are also beneficial for the teeth and if you dog’s weight is increased then this food helps in maintaining the weight because they are a low calorie food.
Yogurt can be beneficial for dogs if it is not sweetened or do not contains any flavor. Plain yogurt have an excellent source of calcium and protein in it and helps in digestion. Adding a spoon of yogurt daily in the food helps your dog to stay full longer with that meal.

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