Gardening Secrets The Pro’s Will Never Share With You

Today you will learn the most exclusive secrets of gardening that professionals do not want you to know:
Water Plants with Vegetable Broth
Whenever you steam or boil vegetables always remember to save the broth. Once it has cooled down, use it to water the plants that you are growing in the containers. You will be amazed to see the growth of your container plants.
Feed Your Soil with Vegetable Peelings and Fruit Leftover
Instead of throwing away fruit and vegetable peels in the garbage you can place them in your food processor to turn them into a fine texture and sprinkle the scrap on your soil surface to feed your emerging plants. If you have peppers planted in your garden, you will be amazed to see the size of fruit when you follow this amazing tip to feed your pepper plants.
Make Mulch for Your Soil from Lint and Newspaper
Rather than throwing away the lint collected by the filter of your dryer, you can keep it in an airtight jar and add it to your compost pile. It will be helpful in retaining the moisture in your soil. You can also shred the old newspapers and add the shreds to your compost bin. It will also provide you with a healthy compost that will hold the moisture in your soil.
While planting squash, peppers, or tomatoes, do not forget to place a handful of dryer lint at the bottom of the hole in the pot. The lint from your dryer will help in retaining the moisture in the soil and around the freshly grown roots of your plants. This will make sure that the moisture maintained around the root.
Utilize Rainwater to Water Your Garden
You must install a structure that connects all the gutter on your roof to end up in a large sized water container with a faucet. Once it is filled with rainwater, you can simply attach a hosepipe to it and use it to water your garden. You can use a fine wire mesh over your rainwater storage to keep out the mosquitos. You also need to make sure that your gutter is cleaned before the rainy season so that debris or leaves may not clog the system.
Growing from the Seeds like a Pro
It is best to use organic topsoil to let your seedlings grown in. You can use a deep oven pan to fill with the topsoil and heat it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. This helps in sterilizing the soil and makes sure that unwanted grass or weeds would not hinder the growth of your seedlings. After planting the seeds you can sprinkle some cinnamon on the top. It prevents the fungus that can cause damping. You can cover your seedlings with clear plastic cups. It protects them from wind and cold and helps in retaining the moisture. It is best to start your seedlings in a screened porch.

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