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Can You Solve This Equation? Shower + Beer =

The majority of the adult population in America can agree that they love showers AND they love at least some kind of beer. I don’t know the exact numbers. I would be willing to guess that, of all those hot water and bubbly lovers- some of us have at least tried combining the two once in our lives. Aside from being a fun experiment, there may actually be some level of health benefits connected to marrying these two relaxing activities together.

Associate professor at Harvard Medical School and renowned neuroscientist, Alice Flaherty, has conducted several studies regarding the connection between showering and the release of dopamine within the brain. Dopamine is not only crucial to our relaxation and happiness but directly affects our creativity as well. I’m sure at some point you have felt like you get a lot of your best ideas while in the shower. This release of chemicals in your brain is why.

In a study polling over 40 men on their study habits conducted at the University of Illinois it was concluded that the men who study while having a blood alcohol count of right around .075 showed much higher levels of creativity and focus.

When most people think of creativity they immediately think of painting, singing or writing, but creativity is far more than just the arts. Sometimes you have to find a way to creatively clean something you can’t reach within your home, or you need to find a way to manage your time better. Creativity at its core is problem and puzzle solving.

Just like anything else in life, having a shower beer to boost your creativity and problem solving is only going to work if you balance it correctly. Getting wasted in the shower will just give you a really bad hangover and possibly result in injury or death in severe cases. But the release of dopamine through the process of cleansing and the feel of the hot water combined with the alcohol level found in one standard beer can be a healthy way to obtain a burst of creativity.

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