Here Are The Best And Worst Foods To Eat For Breakfast


Breakfast, being the most crucial meal of the day, is often passed up, or people choose the wrong items for it. Here is a list of  the best, and the worst choices for you. 

Here are  a list of meals that are considered the best to eat for breakfast in order to have increased energy,  detoxify your body,  and help control your weight. However, there are foods that you need to avoid to protect yourself from experiencing some serious health problems.

The best foods for Breakfast

  • Eggs
    Eggs are rich source of iron, zinc, copper, vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, and K and D. also they are the best protein and this makes you feel full longer. According to studies, eating eggs in the morning for breakfast is strongly recommended since it reduces calories intake during the day.
  • Nuts
    They contain healthy fats, magnesium, vitamin E, selenium too. Eating nuts the morning will keep your pH in belly balanced improve digestion; control your body weight and LDL as well.
  • Blueberries
    Apart from offering delicious taste, blueberries are ideal for breakfast because they stimulate metabolism, regulate pressure and boost your memory.
  • Buckwheat
    This has rich nutrient content of manganese, iron, magnesium, copper, iron, protein and fibers too. Make sure you eat this for breakfast to aid digestion, keep blood sugar under control and the heart healthy.
  • Cornmeal porridge

This porridge is beneficial for the intestines and microflora too because it helps you get cleansed of heavy metals and toxins too. In the morning, this can suppress appetite and you will have fewer cravings.

The worst foods

1. Though being healthy and rich in nutrients, raw green veggies– such veggies eaten on empty stomach can irritate the gut, cause abdomen pain and flatulence or even heartburn.

2. Bananas
When you eat bananas they will increase the blood magnesium level which and can be damaging to the heart.

3. Tomatoes
These vegetables contain tannin acids and thus will increase acidity in your stomach, as well as the risk of gastric ulcer.

4. Cold sodas and drinks
Drinking cold sodas in the morning on empty stomach can significantly harm the mucous membranes and reduce blood supply in the gut.

5. Yogurt
Fermented milk or such items are NOT recommended to eat empty stomach, because when you intake this stomach produces more hydrochloric acid. This removes the lactic bacteria that is safe and protects us healthy from diseases.


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