Officials Warn Of These 7 Foods Made In China [WATCH]

Rising consumption of imported food poses challenges for U.S. food safety officials. Retailers and
processors seeking low-cost suppliers and exotic and ethnic foods demanded by U.S. consumers
procure foods and ingredients all over the globe. It is often difficult to ensure that suppliers in
far-flung locations operate according to the high safety standards and tight quality control sought
by U.S. consumers.

1.Apple Juice

50% of the apple juice sold in the US has its origin in China. China uses dangerous pesticides and banned ones in the production of foods.

2.Industrial Salt

Chinese people use salt produced for industrial purposes in everyday meals, US consumes it too. This salt can lead towards high strokes and bigger heart attack risks, high blood pressure and hypertension.

3.Cod Fish

Cod fish may not be the biggest food that the US consumes, but still, a lot of people do. It is imported from China, but China has a water pollution and feeding issue with this type of fish.


China has a lot of problems with avian flu and borne illnesses. However, US still collaborated with them. Chicken in China is mostly fed and kept in horrible conditions.

5.Chinese Garlic

31% of the garlic in US is imported from China. Harmful pesticides, especially methyl bromide are a part of these food, because that’s how they produce it.

6.Tilapia Fish

80% of the tilapia in US is Chinese. This type of fish eats everything it can! Literally, they feed on everything. Now, having in mind the water pollution problem in China, this fish could contain a lot of viruses, parasites, etc…

  1. Plastic Rice

China, logically is the biggest producer of rice, but also a big producer of fake products! This plastic rice is made of resin and potatoes, recognizable of staying hard in boiled water.

We hope that this information will help you choose your foods wise and healthy! It’s always better to consume organic foods, especially local, which are cheap, if price is the question.If you’re not convinced yet, take a look at this video bellow which provides more information on the fake foods produced in China.



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