Patriotic DIY

Help show your patriotism with this fun American Flag DIY!

  • diy american flag banner with burlap

Gather all your supplies. I already had lots of burlap laying around, along with lots of tea and twine. The only thing I needed were some small flags on a stick.

  • diy american flag banner with burlap

Remove the flags from the sticks and place in a hot pan of strong tea to make them look old. As a disclosure, these are not considered real flags. They are only 4×6 inches and were on a plastic stick and sold in the decorating section of the store for parties and such.

  • diy american flag banner with burlap

The photo doesn’t show it, but there was some aging with the tea on the whites of the flags. I cut enough burlap for each flag and make it just a bit larger than the flag. I purposely unraveled the edged and sprayed the burlap with starch. I used Tacky Glue to glue the flags to the burlap. I applied the glue to the back of each flag and using paper towels, I patted them to the burlap.  I had an old plastic tablecloth underneath them for glue that was sure to seep through. Then I folded the top of the burlap over 1 inch and glued it after I had it around the twine.

  • diy american flag banner with burlap

I made small knots on the ends of each twine to secure to our cottage. If you are hanging your flag banner vertically, as I did above, make sure the stars are to the observers left, which these are.

  • diy american flag banner with burlap
  • Materials used for this project:

    • Small Flags  
    • Burlap   
    • Spray Starch  

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