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They Turn Some Old Pallets Into A Modern Desk

He went dumpster hopping, looking for old wooden pallets that were still in good enough condition to use. Then, using his woodworking skills, he turned the old pieces of wood into something beautiful.

Here are the pallets he collected.


Him and his girlfriend then began cutting the pallets apart.


Then the pieces of wood were put through a planer to take off the top rough layer of wood.


With some final reshaping, the wooden desk was ready to be put together.


He arranged the pieces of wood in a unique pattern, bringing out the unique colors of each piece.


Once the glue had set, he began the process of sanding and finishing the desktop.


Looks pretty awesome for a bunch of wooden pallets.


He then finished the desk by adding two layers of satin polyurethane.


And here’s the finished product!



There’s no way you could look at this desk and tell it was made out of old wooden pallets. This will serve him well throughout the years. Now, back to work!

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