Taking Gardening To The Third Dimension

Many of us when the thought of gardening comes to mind, we think rows planted in the ground, single plants every so many inches. In this tutorial you will learn how to control the space you have, while optimizing your yields, cutting down on nutrient wasting, and ultimately maximizing your time schedule.


The old mindset

Row upon row of plants with usually a couple feet walking space between each one This technique has been used for ages. This particular style of planting not only takes up more space, it also uses more nutrients, time spent working, and the need for more over head cost on seeds.

Raised Beds

There is no solid evidence as to when raised gardening beds originated. Most beds stand at least 1 foot high, and range in all kinds of shapes and sizes based on the users preference. Raised beds offer more control of your soil, and prime growing conditions for just about any produce out there. These elevated beds can save on your back,  help keep pests off of your plants, and some wild animals out of the garden area as well. For the gardener who is limited on space, this is the perfect option, and offers the second dimension to gardens.

Here are a few examples of raised beds

Trellis Systems

These vertical systems offer a third dimension to your gardening space, adding them to the north facing side of your garden or raised bed can maximize your space usage. Many plants will happily live on a trellis system including, cucumbers, vine tomatoes, beans, certain types of melons, and squash. Here is a few images of trellis or vertical systems.

Taking your gardening to the third dimension will have you jumping for joy at the end of the season. This style of gardening has quickly taken off in most recent years for a lot of urban settings or for the back yard gardener who is limited on space.


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